Diploma of Project Management

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52 Week Course

Careers Mentor Support

Approx. 25hrs/week of study

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About The Course

BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management 

If you enjoy overseeing tasks and initiating creativity, a Diploma of Project Management could be for you. Gain the skills you will need to attract prospective employers. Learn how to manage, execute and evaluate projects and oversee cost, time and team management.

Key Learning Outcomes and Skills
  1. Cost Management
  2. Team Leadership
  3. Human Resources
  4. Team Management
  5. Quality and Control
Career Pathways

A Diploma of Project Management BSB51415 can open doors to a number of different job opportunities. After completion of your diploma, possibilities for future employment include:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Administrator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Team Leader
  • Events Coordinator
  • Conference Coordinator
Entry Requirements

Units within this course have a high level of difficulty. You must be 17 years of age or older. To achieve a Diploma of Project Management, students must complete 12 units of competency over 5 modules.

View the Student Entry Procedure for VET Diploma Courses.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Forme fully supports Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), a process for giving students credit for skills, knowledge and experience already attained through working experience. Find out more about the RPL process by downloading our RPL Information.

Apply for recognition of prior learning at our RPL Application Form.

Modules of Learning



Manage personal work priorities and professional development
Lead and manage team effectiveness


Manage meetings
Facilitate continuous improvement


Manage project scope
Manage project time



Manage project quality
Manage project costs
Manage project risk


Manage project human resources
Manage project information and communication
Manage project integration

Includes ‘Search Inside Yourself’ Workshop*

Mindfulness is a key tool towards becoming a leader who is strong in emotional intelligence and influence.

The 2-day workshop incorporates:

  • 1/3 scientifically based learning content
  • 2/3 interactive mindfulness exercises
  • Group and one-on-one conversation, listening & journaling
  • Attention training

Directly after attending the workshop, attendees will discover they have better judgment and emotional balance, increased emotional and cognitive resilience and renewed vision to achieve goals.

*The workshop is not a mandatory requirement to complete the Diploma. If any travel and/or accommodation costs are incurred by attending the event, these are the responsibility of the student. 

Your Career Mentor Program

Voyage & Discovery

Take the ‘Career Voyage’ survey that reveals pathway and occupational choices. Once you have your survey results you’ll have a one-to-one consultation with our career mentor where the results will be discussed in depth.

Pathway Navigation

Returning to the ‘Career Voyage’, you’ll refine your career profile with further choices and recommendations. A second one-to-one consultation will result in a clear pathway for your career goals.

Self Preparation

With your career pathway set, we’ll give you all the advice and support you’ll need to make your career dreams a reality.

Course Fees

This Diploma runs over a 52 week period with a total cost of $16,400

Fees: $4,100

Fees: $4,100

Fees: $4,100

Fees: $4,100

VET Fee-Help


Because Forme is an approved provider of VET FEE-HELP assisted diploma courses you can study now, pay later!

No hidden administration or cancellation fees.

VET FEE-HELP is a government approved financial assistance loan to help eligible students enrolled in diploma level training courses pay their tuition fees. For more information visit studyassist.gov.au

We encourage applicants to seek independent financial advice before applying for a VET FEE-HELP loan.