Art of Influence eCourse

Transformation starts with a real and honest appraisal of your current state of play.

12 Week eCourse

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Reaffirm Your Leadership Strengths

Over 12 weeks, carry out a health check on your current leadership position. Call into question any habits, reactions and thoughts that may be impacting your performance, relationships and growth.

Awareness of your emotional state and recognising how it influences performance requires deep reflection and self-discovery. It’s the first step in being accountable for your emotions – affording you the opportunity to identify triggers and put in motion a different response than the one you are currently transmitting.

If this has triggered a response in you, enrol in the Art of Influence eCourse commencing in August 2017.

Art of Influence eCourse Milestones

art of influence

Milestone 1 – Develop Emotional Intelligence

Understand how to use emotional intelligence to identify the impact of your emotions on others. Promote the awareness of emotional intelligence to enhance social interactions in your organisation.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the impact of your emotions on others in the workplace
  • Learn to assess emotional cues and respond to the emotional states of others
  • Identify the many cultural expressions of emotions
  • Encourage the development of emotional intelligence in others
  • Encourage a positive emotional climate in the workplace to build productive relationships and maximise workplace outcomes

Milestone 2 – Create Trust-Based Relationships

Master the skills you need to gain the trust and confidence of people in social and professional circles. Activate effective consultation to promote cultural diversity and the ethical values of peers.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Receive strategies to promote and respect social cohesion and cultural diversity
  • Foster alliances within your team to cultivate collaborative workflow
  • Guidance, counselling and support strategies to resolve internal conflicts and develop action plans
  • Effectively communicate vision to promote achievement for all team members
art of influence

Milestone 3 – Mastering Influence

Capture unique skills relating to persuasive negotiation to seek mutually beneficial solutions to achieving goals. Learn how to prepare realistic position statements and supportive arguments to respect the values, concerns and views of others.


If it’s about gaining extra skills, or for personal or professional development, enrolling in our Discovery Pathway could be just what you need. If it’s about getting that job or promotion, the Accredited Pathway may be the right way for you

 This short course can be a part of a Diploma and at this price, a very affordable way to learn what you need in your own time. You can contact us for more information no matter the pathway you decide. If you decide later you wish to try your hand at the Accredited Pathway options, we are happy to help!

Select from two learning pathways.

  • Discovery Pathway
    • 12 weeks unlimited access to content
    • No assessments components included
  • Accredited Pathway
    • Includes 10 x assessment components
    • Statement of Attainment on completion*

*Statement of Attainment

On successful completion of your short course you will receive  a Statement of Attainment which will be mailed to you.  The units on your statement of attainment, once successfully completed, are:

BSBLDR501 -Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBLDR502 – Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBLDR503 – Communicate with influence