Drive, Thrive & Arrive eCourse

Fine tuning leadership to exemplify a healthy approach performance and success.

12 Week eCourse

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Exploring the Dynamic Attributes of a Performance Leader

The modern workplace is agile in nature and requires flexibility in order to effectively manage increasing demands resulting from rapid change. Influential leaders within the modern workplace should be fluid and bring a situational leadership style.

Drive Thrive Arrive eCourse Milestones


Milestone 1 | Use planning tools

The 5 learning topics of this milestone ask learners to discuss why work life balance, coaching, planning and networking is integral to maintaining a leadership presence that encourages a team to grow, perform and succeed.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Defining work-life balance limits
  • Plans that encourage individuals to directly impact success
  • Understanding the P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E Coaching Model
  • Resources that support performance plans
  • Partnership networking

Milestone 2 | Lead Work Performance

This milestone will highlight the importance of reflective practices and how engaging in performance dialogue will output a leader and team better placed to achieve success.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Document leadership strategies
  • Prioritise outcomes
  • Use feedback to adjust work

Milestone 3 | Development Management Strategies

Explore the theories behind achieving organisational goals through clear, collaborative and creative dialogue. Learn how, as leaders, we have the ability to grow highly focused individuals who promote team cohesion.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • The 3 ‘C’s of working collaboratively to implement principles of action
  • Implement ‘Tuckman’s stages of group development’
  • Investigate qualitative and quantitative KPI’s
  • Understand the five languages of appreciation in the workplace

Milestone 4 | Create a supportive environment

Understand how to be a leader who exemplifies expectations and behaviours that lead to success and know how to encourage others to achieve success in their own right.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Avoiding ‘Groupthink’ and establishing the step-ladder technique
  • Exploring ‘The Johari Window’ model of communication
  • Applying a ‘Bottom Up’ leadership approach


If it’s about gaining extra skills, or for personal or professional development, enrolling in our Discovery Pathway could be just what you need. If it’s about getting that job or promotion, the Accredited Pathway will be right way for you

 This short course can be a part of a Diploma and at this price, a very affordable way to learn what you need in your time. You can contact us for more information no matter the pathway you decide. If you decide later you wish to try your hand at the Accredited Pathway options, we are happy to help!

Select from two learning pathways.

  • Discovery Pathway
    • 12 weeks unlimited access to accredited content
    • No assessments components included
    • Accreditation upgrade is available
  • Accredited Pathway
    • 16 weeks unlimited access to accredited content
    • Includes 10 x assessment components
    • Statement of Attainment on completion*

*Statement of Attainment

On successful completion of your short course you will receive  a Statement of Attainment which will be mailed to you.  The units on your statement of attainment, once successfully completed, are:

  • BSBWOR501 – Manage personal work priorities

  • BSBWOR502 – Lead and manage team effectivness

Influential leaders have a natural ability to communicate easily – they hold the attention of even the toughest audiences.

Influential leaders appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of their team and know how to draw these out to their advantage.

Influential leaders have an inherit understanding of cultural diversity and know how to advance its prominence with an organisation.

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